According to this press release, someone at Microsoft made a major error:

Microsoft has learned of a mistake in the Bookshelf Symbol 7 font included in the Microsoft Office System client applications. Due to an unintentional oversight, we failed to identify, prior to the release, the presence of two swastikas within the font.

I have no problem with Microsoft apologizing about this mistake and releasing a utility to "fix" it. Yet, I have a few questions:

1) I know different people work on Office and Windows, but I bet they would not have waited six months to fix this swastika problem.
2) Like with all too many other things, I heard about this earlier, but did not care until it started to bother me. But since this utility deals with the Microsoft Office System, should not it be included in Office Update? And if it must be listed in the much more well-known Windows Update, why is it a critical update? Our good friends at define "critical" as:

Indispensable; essential: a critical element of the plan; a second income that is critical to the family's well-being.

Is this update critical? Or could it be that Microsoft hopes to sneak this fix under users' noses, through means of their automatic update system, which, at least in Windows XP, does not immediately show the user the individual critical updates that they have downloaded (without any dialog window, if they are using the default settings).