Perhaps I am still bitter about that Super Bowl commercial, or my bias against people from North Carolina was particularly virulent today. Either way, I found it necessary to respond to this post on the "importance" of Apple.

Let's imagine, for a second, a world without Apple. Microsoft is dominant and alternate choices are slim. You can try Linux, but you won't have any software to use. FreeBSD? I don't think so.

What year does he think this is, 1984? There is a lot of software for Linux, from web browsers and office suites to instant messaging applications and peer-to-peer applications. And Linux actually has games, unless a certain other operating system.

If Steve Jobs is anything in the Matrix Trilogy, he's the Merovingian - all French and superior and decadent.
Monica Belluci's character, Persephone, is obviously a reference to the changing face of Apple computers. During her first appearance in The Matrix Reloaded, she was wearing a beige dress, much like an early Apple computer. In the third movie, her dress is red, much like early iMacs and iBooks.

This entry was written last night, but did not appear on the blog until this morning.