Here at Harvard, majors are called "concentrations." I am in government, the second largest concentration:

Dear government concentrators,
Welcome back!
Just a quick note that our concentration advisors are on a well
deserved break, and will be available again starting February 2nd.
More info about hours will be available by the end of January.In the
meantime, yes, the tutorial office is open, 9:30am-1pm & 2pm-5:30pm.
If you need to meet with Prof. Sharon Krause (regarding something that
will ultimately need her approval) she will be holding office hours on
Tuesday, January 13, in her office in Littauer. Please contact her
directly to set up a time: [Ed. Note: I like Dr. Krause, so her email is
not listed here]. Please also keep
in mind that most issues do not need to be resolved immediately, and
can wait until February.
Thanks, and Happy New Year!