I preface this entry by admitting that I have not gotten any sleep in the last 23 hours. Lack of sleep makes me slightly irritable.

I have InstaPundit as one of the many RSS feeds in the RSS Reader extension I installed in Firebird yesterday. From an annoying entry about Clark's campaign funding (intensifed by the fact that I have been wrestling with myself about whether I should donate) to this blog with its multiple mentions of "Weasel Clark." Classy.

Anyway, I began to wonder whether Bush had his own official blog. Apparently, he does (like all "official campaign blogs," it is less valuable insight than vapid cheerleading). I eventually wandered over to the Downloads section to take a look at their wallpapers. This one in particular annoyed me.

I figured that nobody else would have written anything about the Compassion wallpaper, so I googled for it ("bush compassion wallpaper"). Alas, the second page (after the aforementioned Downloads page from the Bush website) was this Mother Jones article, which touches upon the same point that I do, although much more briefly.